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Mortgage Securitisation Claims (MSC’s)

About Legal Quest PLC

Independent Qualified Validation Auditors & Part 35 Experts on Mortgage Securitisation Claims (MSC’s)

Here at Legal Quest PLC we are a multi-disciplined firm who originally pioneered all aspects of potential redress, resulting from the sale, transfer or assignment (securitisation) of a UK mortgage by a UK lender. Over the past 13 years we have carried out extensive research into the complex and ‘hidden’ dealings of the financial sector, specifically relative to the way Mortgage Securitisation takes place and the impact it has on the unsuspecting borrowers, along with the lenders direct breaches of FCA, MCOB and other UK legislation in doing so.

Having built a comprehensive library detailing a significant number of the UK lender’s Mortgage Sale Agreements, related documentation including the actual Prospectuses, we are regarded as the UK’s leading specialists and ‘Part 35 – Expert Witnesses’ in this niche emerging claims market.

In order to be considered unbiased and totally independent, we must have no interest in the outcome of any MSC. From 6th September 2019, all legal aspects of the actual claim process are now conducted by Mortgage Securitisation Claims Ltd. (MSCL), which is wholly owned by Camellus Law LLP, the former legal team of Legal Quest plc, with absolutely no direct or indirect relationship remaining with Legal Quest plc.

  • Our founders have over 150 years’ collective experience within the legal and insurance mediation/loss adjusting professions.

Our Services

The following specific services are provided by Legal Quest plc

Insurance Loss Adjusting/Mediation

Legal Quest plc continue to be FCA regulated as Appointed Representatives for a Chartered Firm of Insurance Loss Adjusters. We act as their qualified and regulated appointed agents and mediators, on major and complex insurance claims for both UK domestic and commercial policy holders.

Validation Audits

Acting for MSCL, Legal Quest plc will submit a full Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) for MSCL applicants, under an agreed 'Waiver Scheme' for MSCL, whereby the standard fee contribution of £260.00 is 'waived.' Only a token £1.00 cost is taken, to ensure the MSCL applicant is a genuine person, with a formal Quantum Validation Audit (QVA) report provided to the MSCL panel law firm on any valid Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC).

Part 35
Expert Reports

Acting for each of MSC's panel law firms, Legal Quest plc will prepare a full Part 35 Expert Report with a full forensic 'audit' of the entire mortgage account of each MSC Claimant, including a full synopsis of the securitisation quantum, all repayments including interest, charges and fees, together with the statutory 8% surcharge amount which will be the basis for the actual MSC filings.

Mortgage Securitisation Claims (MSC’s)

If you have come to the Legal Quest plc website and are looking to start a potential Mortgage Securitisation Claim (MSC) unfortunately you have come to the wrong website as Legal Quest plc no longer take direct applications. Please click the Start your MSC button to be diverted to the correct website.